How To Ramp Up Hair Growth

If you have neglected your hair loss problem for more than 10 years, you may need to become very aggressive in your hair loss strategy.

More hair growth can be achieved by using a combination of procedures. This is were I will give you my most important tip.

Your age may dictate how aggressive you need to be.

Hair growth is dependent on numerous factors. Your age can have a tremendous bearing on how much hair growth you will experience. If you have waited until you have experienced a large amount of hair loss you may not be able to regrow all your hair simply by taking oral DHT inhibitors.

You can't force dead hair follicles back to production.Hair follicles die after about 12 to 14 years of dormancy due to DHT hair loss. It's unlikely you can bring hair follicles back to life that have been dormant longer than that. Even hair follicles that are on the edge of this time period may need more than just propecia, provillus or script to stimulate them back to hair growth.

Fortunately there are some effective procedures you can take that will significantly improve your results. I have found the following 5 strategies to be effective. Click on each of the following strategies to get expounded information.

  1. Use a proven quality oral DHT inhibitor such as Hairscripts, provillus, or the drug propecia. This is the 1st and most important step you have to get right.
  2. Daily remove the DHT and sebum build up from you hair follicles by using a shampoo that has the ability to accomplish this. Removal of this scalp sludge will improve the quality of your hair follicles and allow penetration of hair stimulants.
  3. Use a good topical hair growth stimulant that can penetrate the scalp into the follicle areas to stimulate hair growth. Hair stimulants also increase blood flow so more DHT inhibitor ingredients can reach their destination and further protect your hair follicles. Not all stimuants are alike. Stimulants come in a number of formulas.
  4. Purchase a laser comb and use it regularly to dramatically improve blood circulation and activation of DHT inhibitors and hair stimulants in the scalp. Laser combs are effective
  5. Use a topical DHT inhibitor formula in addition to the oral Hairscript or provillus you are taking. The topical DHT inhibitor is absorbed through the scalp to penetrate deep to the hair follicle to neutralize the damaging effects of DHT. This step my even be used while you are using a hair stimulant to affect hair regrowth. You may want to use it at a different time of the day.

Once you have used these procedures for a year or maybe a little longer you can scale back some or maybe use only several of the steps and still maintain the new hair you have grown. View summary on the Multi-Therapeutic approach to thinning hair.

One more important note:

Research shows that when you significantly increase the amount of blood flow to hair follicles, you significantly increase the amount of DHT fighting ingredients from Propecia, Provillus, or Hairscript you are taking orally. This increase quantity of DHT fighting agents being delivered directly to the follicle will increase your hair growth.

The bottom line is this:

The older you are the more you need to consider ramping up your hair growth through the above procedures. It will make a difference the amount of hair growth.

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